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Welcome to exhibition.art-inpa.com: a whole new way to share your work, if you are an artist, or to admire international artists’ work, if you are and art passionate.

In this section of our website, you can find digital 3D art galleries to discover.

If you are you interested in a specific artist, you can check out their solo exhibitions.

If instead you would like to discover different artists, you can check out our Harp exhibition or our different virtual halls.

If you are interested in owning one of the pieces of art that you will see in our expos, you can buy them directly visiting the exhibition or checking out our paint shops.

Our Team

Ms.Mariam Al Sodany

Founder - CEO

Mr.Ziad Mansor

Marketing & I.T Head



Sara Fiumano

I.T & Designer

Moayad zagha

Assistant & I.T

I.N.P.A. -International Network for Plastic Art

In line with the language of the modern era, in which the communications revolution was launched, one of its most important features and factors of cultural exchange, we find the urgent need for Arab and international plastic arts to have special websites in order to open up horizons for them to interact with plastic arts at the global level.
The website will open horizons for a new culture of plastic arts that is open to others and developed as much as it takes the hand of the amateur and professional generation of artists, as it opens the way for them to belong to the spirit of the age that knows no barriers or closure. They have suffered from conditions of disinterest and marginalization in many countries and in many cultural stations, on the basis of learning about different schools, experiences and experiences. This site is a platform for interaction between artists in all their places.
This site brings together artists and institutions concerned with governmental, private, and academic fine art in the Arab world and the world. It also includes various artistic events, including art exhibitions, international paintings, and distinctive works, as well as displaying paintings for sale, an art education portal, and a training portal in fine art. It deals with all art schools and everything is modern, and the portal of interaction between artists is opened for chatting and discussion. Throughout history, and a bibliography of the most important books on plastic art, and any creative ideas that contribute to highlighting plastic art Arab and international.
The International Network for Fine Art is an interactive platform between all artists and artistic culture through the ages, allowing the opportunity to see everything that is recent in this specialization and the latest news related to plastic artists, exhibitions and specialized institutions. The project is also based on collecting everything related to plastic art in the world and throughout history to be a reference Essential for plastic artists, it benefits children, talented youth, professional and non-professional artists, researchers and students of specialization, and all governmental, private and private institutions working in the field all over the world can benefit from it.
Through this work, plastic art is developed according to geography, so that each country has its own portal, which includes all governmental, academic, civil and private institutions concerned with plastic art issues. the site.
Providing a service of acquaintance and communication between all artists and specialized institutions in all their places of presence through individual, group and personal chats so that it allows acquaintance, development of relationships, networking and working to implement joint activities.
It allows artists to spread internationally through personal and group exhibitions and competitions that will be carried out on the site and targeting all artists in all places of their presence.
It allows artists to display their works for sale of all kinds (painting – sculpture – mosaic – ……etc) at prices that are satisfactory to both parties so that the site is a platform for promotion, marketing and sale of these works, and the site includes the group interested in buying artwork from businessmen to tourist institutions and private exhibitions.
In light of the lack of references, studies and research in public libraries, the site collects the largest library specialized in this regard, including the history of plastic art in its schools and the most important flags around the globe.
The site conducts specialized training courses for the gifted, those wishing to learn, and academic scholars to raise their level of knowledge and skills in issues of plastic art, its tools, mechanisms for dealing with it, and ways to access professionalism and internationalism.


Pioneering in reaching all plastic artists, specialists, amateurs and relevant institutions around the world, empowering them technically, opening the global horizon for communication and networking among them and with those interested, and achieving scientific and professional benefit for them.

Our message

We are a virtual network that enters every corner of the world through the digital world that enables plastic artists to reach professionalism and the world, and helps them to communicate with each other and benefit from the experiences of each other, and with communities and those interested in this sector, by collecting as much as possible from artists, specialized institutions, books, studies and research in One website, and the implementation of exhibitions, forums and international competitions to raise the value of art, as it is one of the important resources that contribute to building the culture of peoples.
We are also working on opening the way for artists to present their works, so that the site becomes a global market for the circulation and promotion of their works, which pushes those interested in artworks to reach their goals in one place that depends on quality in presentation and credibility within well-defined criteria.
This site will be an educational platform for those wishing to develop their skills and hobbies through the professional courses that will be offered, and to build professional artists based on their work on the promotion of humanity and to be part of cultural development related to the necessities of sustainable development.
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